Best Urologist in Chennai

Best Urologist in Chennai

Are you in search of the best urologist in Chennai? Andrologist Chennai is a clinic in Chennai, India, that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Urology problems. Lead by Dr. Karthikeyan VS, the clinic is staffed by a team of experienced and qualified doctors who offer a wide range of services. From kidney stones to urinary tract infections, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Experience top-notch medical expertise and state-of-the-art facilities at Andrologist Chennai.

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Key Symptoms Spotted by Expert Urologists in Chennai

Blood in urine

Frequent urination

Pain or discomfort in lower abdomen/groin

Erectile dysfunction

Urinary incontinence

Kidney stones

Urinary tract infections

Prostate problems

Testicular pain or swelling

Bladder issues

Our expert urologists in Chennai have the expertise to identify and address these symptoms effectively, providing accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans for optimal urological health.

Treatments and Expertise from Renowned Urologists in Chennai

We offer treatments and expertise by the best urologist doctors in Chennai. At Dr Karthikeyan’s Clinic, and our partner professionals, we provide comprehensive urology care. Here are some of the renowned procedures available for various urological conditions:


Expert urologists use guided techniques to break down kidney stones, ensuring effective stone removal.


A thorough evaluation of your urethra and bladder health is performed using a cystoscope, aiding in the treatment of bladder issues or an enlarged prostate.

Prostate Biopsy

Tissue samples are obtained from the prostate gland, assisting in the diagnosis and management of elevated PSA blood test results.


Urologists offer this permanent male sterilization procedure, preventing sperm from entering the urethra as per your requirements.


Skilled urologists perform kidney removal surgeries for kidney-related diseases or in preparation for kidney transplant procedures.

Rely on the expertise of our urologists for advanced treatments tailored to your needs.

About Doctor Karthikeyan

Urologist in Chennai

Meet Dr. Karthikeyan, a dedicated uro-andrologist in Chennai. With specialized training in male infertility treatment, he excels in microsurgical procedures like microtese and microsurgical Varicocelectomy, providing optimal outcomes. Dr. Karthikeyan also offers comprehensive solutions for erectile dysfunction and low sperm counts, aiding in natural conception. His expertise extends to genetic testing, penile implant surgeries, and teaching Andrology to urologists worldwide.

Why consider Doctor Karthikeyan as the best urologist in Chennai?

Specialized Expertise

Dr. Karthikeyan is a trained uro-andrologist dedicated to male infertility treatment, offering advanced procedures for optimal outcomes.

Microsurgical Excellence

With proficiency in microtese and microsurgical Varicocelectomy, he delivers superior results for non-obstructive azoospermia and Varicocele.

Holistic Approach

Dr. Karthikeyan addresses erectile dysfunction, low sperm counts, and hormone deficiencies, providing personalized treatments for natural conception.

Comprehensive Evaluation

He employs specialized tests and genetic evaluations to identify underlying factors in failed IVF procedures or repeated abortions.

Teaching and Leadership

As a faculty member at national and international conferences, Dr. Karthikeyan shares his knowledge in Andrology, contributing to the advancement of urological care.

Choose Dr. Karthikeyan for personalized urological and andrological care in Chennai. Experience his expertise and dedication for optimal treatment outcomes.

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