Low Testosterone

If you have low testosterone you need not start therapy immediately unless you are symptomatic in the form of reduced sex drive. To a great extent low testosterone can be improved with weight reduction, diet and exercise. Further tablets or injections can be used to improve testosterone. It is very important to remain on checkup and periodic blood tests should be performed as advised by the andrologist. In case you want to start testosterone, you should be 100% sure that you do not want to make children. Testosterone therapy suppresses sperm production and it does not return to normal in all patients after stopping. In case you have to make children, other injections will be used.

Reduced Libido

Reduced libido, commonly referred to as low sexual drive, is a condition when a person's interest in and desire for sexual activity declines. An individual's general well-being and sexual satisfaction may be impacted by this, which can lead to worry and anxiety.

Physical and psychological factors can both contribute to decreased libido, making the causes complicated and multidimensional. Hormonal disorders, illnesses, and specific drugs might all be physical causes. Relationship issues, sadness, anxiety, and stress are examples of psychological factors.

Reduced libido is diagnosed based on a person's symptoms and medical background. Your doctor might inquire about your sexual history, way of life, and any medications or health issues you may be experiencing. In order to measure hormone levels and rule out any underlying medical issues, blood testing may also be used.

Behavioral therapy, medication, and lifestyle modifications are all possible treatments for low libido. A healthy diet, exercise, and stress management techniques can all help to increase sexual desire. Relationship problems can be addressed and improved through behavioural treatment, such as couples counselling. Medications can also be used to increase libido, like as testosterone replacement therapy.


Regardless of age or gender, reduced libido is a common illness that can impact anyone. It is crucial to get medical attention and discuss your concerns with your doctor. It is possible to increase sexual desire and overall sexual satisfaction with the appropriate treatment.