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International Prostate Symptom Score


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About Me

Dr Karthikeyan is one of the few trained best Andrologist in Chennai and completely dedicated to treatment of male infertility and performs all procedures for sperm related problems. He is an expert in microsurgical procedures such as microtese for non-obstructive azoospermia, microsurgical Varicocelectomy for Varicocele which give the best results and treats erectile dysfunction. Men with low sperm counts with hormone deficiency can benefit from his treatment which can aid in natural conception. Couples who have failed previous IVF procedures or with repeated abortions usually have a missing male factor evaluation and treatment. His practice involves identification of these problems by special tests and genetic testing. He performs penile implant surgeries for erectile dysfunction. He is a faculty at national and international conferences and teaches Andrology to Urologists.


Andrology and Men’s Health is a subspecialty under the broad specialty of Urology. Andrology specifically deals with men and men’s problems, contact us for whatever your health concerns are.

Andrologist in Chennai

Which diseases does an andrologist in Chennai treat?

An andrologist in Chennai is a specialized doctor who focuses on diagnosing and treating various male urological and andrological diseases. At Andrologist Chennai, led by Dr. Karthikeyan VS, a highly trained uro-andrologist, you can receive comprehensive care for male infertility and related issues. The clinic offers a wide range of services, including microsurgical procedures, genetic testing, and penile implant surgeries. With a commitment to delivering the highest quality care, Andrologist Chennai is the ideal starting point for addressing any concerns or problems related to male urological or andrological health.

Why Choose Our Andrologist in Chennai?

Promoting Ethics in Male Infertility Treatments

Embrace an elevated level of care at our clinic, where we prioritize ethical practices, ensuring you receive personalized treatment while minimizing unnecessary tests and interventions.

Accessible and Confidential Male Fertility Solutions

Experience affordable and discreet male fertility and sexual health treatments at our specialized clinic, customized to cater to your unique requirements and concerns.

Scientifically Supported Andrology Treatments

At our Chennai clinic, our highly skilled andrologists utilize evidence-based treatment strategies to deliver the utmost effective care, grounded in scientific studies and principles, for your well-being.



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